Concession and Food Service Packaging

Our range of concession trays offers utility for every need, every guest and every snack. With a number of different kids’ trays and accessories, nacho trays, drink carriers, deli trays, flatbread and pizza trays and more, PCI has every tray for your concession needs.


Available concession trays include but are not limited to: generic carry-out trays (2 cup and 4 cup styles), assorted cup carriers (2 cup and 4 cup styles), nacho trays (2 compartment and 3 compartment styles), dino design kids trays and 12 oz cups, flatbread trays, deli trays, plain food trays with dip compartment, utility carry tray, take out boxes, plain pizza trays and more. Custom carry-out and kids trays are also available for quotation, as well as coordinating custom plastic cups and lids.


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